‘Cautionary Tale’: A Matt Bocelli and Tom Holkenborg Production for Major Motion Picture

Comedy without tragedy is a world meant to be misunderstood. As underscored by the cliches, if our insides never filled with the burning taste of tears we’d never feel the warm ache of laughter–it’d all be the same, it’d all be mundane. Synonymous to the staples of Shakespeare and beyond, film and music live in the same realm of necessity. Without one or the other, our world would be silently disenchanting.

Whether it’s projected on a large white screen or rendered inside the tiny spaces of our psyche, music creates movies and movies need the embellishment of sound and with the right score, empathy can prevail. Featured both on the screen and behind the story of Three Thousand Years of Longing is composer Tom Holkenborg and actor Matt Bocelli‘s thought-provoking “Cautionary Tale.”

Watch the trailer here.

This incredibly cathartic, valuably lush, collision of strings and angelic vibrations backs the story of Matt Bocelli‘s character in the film. Director George Miller shared, “Matteo plays a prince whose fate ends tragically. It feels so right to me that he renders the musical and narrative themes of the movie in song.”

In his first film and initial taste of life alongside Oscar winning actors/actresses, Bocelli displayed his ability to represent his artistry in a way he’s never done before. “With anything new there’s fear and uncertainty,” says Bocelli, “but there’s also curiosity and excitement. I can’t believe that my first movie appearance is for George Miller and this cast and crew of the greatest people – Oscar-winners!”

Listen here.

For Tom Holkenborg, it was yet another opportunity to inflict his wisdom in complete anonymity. The man behind our favorites, Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Black Mass, and more has created a path towards admiration and this piece is just another credible catalyst. The multi-platinum producer, musician, composer, and educator possesses a degree of versatility that dismantles his classical training to rebirth a craft so delicately exclusive yet enormously connective to his eclectically eerie world.

Cautionary Tale” is a paradisiacal arrangement of mellifluous vocals, soul-snatching embraces, and textured keys– heartbreaking yet triumphant and immeasurably anchored. In the modernized take on the cautionary paradigm, the distinction between fiction and reality is blurred and effortlessly blended with the addictive sounds of Holkenborg and Bocelli. The composition breathes with the characters hesitations and stands tall with every decision and faltered tone. It’s allusively empty but extraordinarily specific to every thought, feeling, or impulse seen on the screen.

Words cannot embellish the brilliance enough, but on August 26th you can see it for yourself. Check your local theaters for more information.

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