Last Friday, young pop artist Caroline Renezeder released her newest single “cocktails and you :).” The song, Caroline’s first release of 2022, comes after a salt and pepper sprinkling of singles over the last four years. With almost 200k streams on a couple of her releases––”Leave My Heart Alone” and “High”––Caroline’s music career is slowly gaining recognition. With an eye on the future, “cocktails and you :)” is one more step in the right direction. 

Caroline Renezeder, from new GROW photoshoot

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Caroline finally turned to making her biggest dream come true: making music. She began building her career under the moniker Caroline Grace, perhaps an attempt to circumvent the celebrity ties to her last name (Caroline’s father is race-car driver, Carl Renezeder). As Caroline Grace, the starry-eyed grad went on to release debut single “Show Me,” as well as the female empowering track “Move Alone,” produced by Jason “Poo-Bear” Boyd (Justin Bieber, Usher). 

Grace also released her first EP that year (2018), Tell Me How You Feel, at the time telling Billboard that she’d been, “collecting a wide variety of music and kind of just narrowing down what the story is I want to tell.” This story involved changing her stage name to Caroline Renezeder with another 2018 single “Say Another Lie.” Since 2018, Caroline’s handful of singles are marked by characteristically airy vocals over dreamy, classic pop beats. 

Renezeder performs at Peppermint Show

With “cocktails and you :),” Renezeder seems to slowly be creating a signature sound. A soft, simple piano makes this song shimmer softly in a way that compliments Caroline’s impressively high vocal range. The track is also a small window in another, larger project for Renezeder––her first extended release in a number of years. Always striving to empower others and herself, the aptly named GROW will be Caroline’s upcoming EP.

Listen to Caroline Renezeder on Spotify

“The past two years have been one of MEGA evolution for me. They have held the best and worst moments of my life. From losing loved ones and suffering through months of illness, to meeting the love of my life and getting engaged, to building my dream business –these years have given me plenty of inspiration. Making GROW was a form of therapy to get through it all” said Caroline.

You can stream “cocktails and you :)” on Spotify, and stay connected with Caroline Renezeder and her musical journey on Instagram

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