On July 14th, Caroline Polachek released her first original song since her album PANG came out in 2019. Polachek herself has said “‘Bunny Is A Rider’ is a summer jam about being unavailable. Bunny is slippery, impossible to get ahold of. Maybe it’s a fantasy, maybe it’s a bad attitude. But anyone can be bunny, at least for three minutes and seventeen seconds.” It’s absolutely an example of picking up where you left off since it is in the same sonic vein as most of the material on PANG, and it features very similar vocal stylings to Polachek’s other hits.

The primary focus of the music of this song is the bass line performed by producer Danny L Harle. Without the bass line, as simplistic and spacey as it is, the song doesn’t feel the same. The drums and keyboards are textbook Caroline Polachek, but the bass line ends an air of funkiness that was hinted at on PANG but never fully realized in the same way as it is on “Bunny Is A Rider.” 

As for the lyrics, the previous quote from Polachek covers the themes perfectly. She explicitly states “I’m so nonphysical” in the chorus, making it clear that she is not only emotionally unavailable but also physically unavailable. The titular “Bunny” is literally nonexistent on this plane. There’s no way to find her. People can try, but there’s no way to catch her.

While you might not be able to catch bunny, you can catch Polachek live at several festivals and solo shows around the globe this summer into next. She will be performing at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, Roundhouse in London, and Terminal 5 in New York, as well as at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, Governors Ball in New York, Outside Lands in San Francisco, and Primavera in both Spain and Portugal (among others). Let us know what you think about Caroline Polachek and “Bunny Is A Rider!”

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