Hailing from Ontario, singer/songwriter Courtney Wolfe shares her beautiful, soulful, raspy voice and lush, abstract soundscapes of “Unmoved” from her debut EP New Moon. This song narrates wanting to move on from a relationship, but finding that very difficult when all the intense feelings are still very much present. It’s about feeling everything and nothing all at once, replaying old memories, and comparing everyone new. Her lyrics speak to a pocket deep in the heart that often finds itself creeping up into the back of ones throat.

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Though it’s titled “Unmoved,” this track moves me quite a bit. It chokes me up effortlessly and had me singing along by the end the first time I even listened to it. She somehow put an emotional experience that is incredibly difficult to articulate into words palatable for anyone to understand. “Unmoved” is a passionate, emotive, cinematic alt-pop piece that tells a story many can relate to. In addition to the lyrics being spot on, the lush chords and instrumental melodies capture the essence of what she’s trying to emote. It is the third track of Wolfe’s debut EP New Moon, serving as a perfect centerpiece, infused with synths and laced with delicate piano, electric and acoustic guitar.

If I had something I could prove

Not your same excuse

Now I’m just down and I’m feeling so unmoved

I might be happy

But you’re underneath the skin I’m trying to own

Without me

I’m wondering if you are feeling the cold

I can’t resist the prettiest day

Can’t help but miss the prettiest face

Tracing back to what I can’t run to

Knowing this won’t change anytime soon

Warm fires burning in the back room

Sounding so loud but this isn’t anything new

Laid back nights got me feeling bruised

Good times, I’m confused

Unmoved by Courtney Wolfe

The 5-track EP stays on topic, a mini concept album if you will, taking its listeners through the highs and lows of the relationship at hand. It’s a fresh take on being vulnerable with ones emotions and pushing through the pain to find self-love and the motivation to pick oneself up and carry on. Finding peace and forgiveness are essential to the process and offer an opportunity to move on with someone new, even if that someone ends up just being you.

If you liked “Unmoved,” make sure to check out the rest of the EP New Moon.

Courtney Wolfe’s debut EP New Moon, featuring single “Unmoved”

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