California’s Surf Curse Releases “TVI”

On July 14th, L.A.-based surf-punk group Surf Curse released their latest single, “TVI!” According to lead vocalist and drummer Nick Rattigan, “‘TVI’ is an anthem about trying to stay out of trouble, whatever your trouble might be.” Though the instrumentation might not relay that point in the most obvious ways throughout the track, the lyrics do an excellent job of getting it across.

“TVI” Single Artwork

“The chorus chants ‘Take your time, free your mind, I can do this every day,’ as the mantra, but by ‘10 o’clock TVI give me mine take me away,’ you’ve succumbed…the ultimate loss of self and control…letting go,” says Rattigan. The guitar solo and extended jam towards the end of the track also convey this sense of keeping out of trouble through their stability and just all-around fun nature. The juxtaposition between the lightheartedness of the instrumental and the darkness surrounding most of the lyrics is intriguing, and it’s sure to keep listeners focused for the entire two minutes and 41 seconds.

“TVI” is the first single off the band’s recently announced Atlantic Records debut, MAGIC HOUR. “MAGIC HOUR, the band’s fourth LP, sees Surf Curse testing the boundaries of their seasoned indie rock approach, exploring a wider range of sonic styles and colors than ever before. The album marks not only the DIY veterans’ Atlantic Records debut, it serves as official  introduction to two new members of the band in Noah Kohll and Henry Dillon. The newly expanded lineup allowed for Surf Curse to push their already ambitious songcraft even further than ever before on tracks like the blistering album-opener ‘Arrow’ and the somber blues rock of ‘No Tomorrows.’” Guitarist Jacob Rubeck has said that “MAGIC HOUR is our excitement about rock music and being in a band. This album is the excitement of starting something that we all can feel good about with each other, but also progressing as creative people and throwing in that magic. We’re feeling that magic, what’s brewing in the air and what’s existing in what we’re doing together.” 

Check out “TVI” below, and be sure to be on the lookout for MAGIC HOUR, out everywhere on September 16th!

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