Cairo Moon’s New Single “Cleo” Oozes Cool

Courtesy of Cairo Moon

Described by some as “a stormy tribe of vintage spirits, melting a 60’s soul and ethereal rock potion,” London band Cairo Moon hail the most enormous retro-rock sound I’ve found in 2022. Fronted by Frankie Forman, the five-piece band appear more than ready to make their presence known with the awe-enchanting single, Cleo. Mysterious yet captivating, here’s an inside look at the soulful single.

Ask my mother could she cover for another year

I’m drowning in the sound of it is one you don’t wanna hear

She said no, I can’t do it anymore

So I’ll try, I’ll try, I try

Coz I have never failed before

Ooh yeah

I carry on and on and on and on

Cleo – Lyrics

A reggae-rock slow dance, soaked in reverb and met with Forman’s sleazy vocals, everything about Cleo oozes cool. At further analysis, the performance of each member is an oxymoron. Vibes throughout the single feel lazy, yet complex, hard-hitting yet tender, and old yet refreshingly new. Props certainly are given to the dreamy production value full of space lasers, “in your face” drumming, and epic surf rock solo heard at 2:30 of the track. Other complements include its subtle bassline and Forman’s unforgettable vocal lines that mesh so well with the guitar work. Comparative to acts such as The Specials, Cage The Elephant, King Krule, and Amy Winehouse, I guarantee you these rockers will be household names in the near future.

With more music on the way, you can catch more Cairo Moon here at Glasse Factory. In the meantime, you can listen to Cleo here.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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