With his latest album To Let A Good Thing Die, new age songsmith Bruno Major has hit us with a combination of smooth vocals, sultry tones, and deep, well thought-out lyrics that express sentiments that everyone can relate to – which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Since the release of his first album A Song For Every Moon, Major has had over 600 million streams, part of which can be dedicated to his single “The Most Beautiful Thing” which has been streamed over 20 million times thus far.

The album itself continues to receive praise from major critics and commentators such as Billboard, FLAUNT, and Cool Hunting. The praise he receives deservedly so, touches on his mastery of his craft and his ability to inspire relatability with all walks of life whilst managing to capture the spirit of himself as an artist. Bruno Major is the type of artist who produces music that truly the captures the essence of himself not only as an artist, but as a human being. His music tastefully translates the undergoing of human experiences and emotions in a unique expression that anyone who listens can find themselves relating to. The album is a carefully crafted cumulation of all-encompassing narratives that everyone is bound to understand and relate to at least one or more occasion in their life. It gives thought provoking lyrics that touch on ‘existential musings’ and human relationships and trace it all back down to the sentimental roots of heartbreak and love.

While working on material for To Let A Good Thing Die, Major spent the first few months of 2019 in Los Angeles connecting and collaborating with songwriter/producer Finneas O’Connell (Billie Eilish, FINNEAS). Bonding over their shared quality of having a with words and love of lyrics, the two co-created numerous tracks on the album. However, one track has seemed to stand out to the crowd slightly more than the rest, that track being “The Most Beautiful Thing.” Major spoke on the collaboration saying that the two creatives sat together for hours “talking about everything and nothing” and that writing the actual track took considerably less time. Major explained, “The song’s big idea is one that has always fascinated me. The concept of a ‘soul mate’ has always seemed far-fetched, when that person could easily be born on the other side of the world or in a different time, and the chances of meeting them so slim. Is true love really circumstance and compatibility? ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’ is a love letter to the soul mate I’ve never met.”

The instances in which I find myself hearing lyrics that are so universal yet resonate with me on a deeply personal level are few and far between, and this song is definitely does just that. The lyrics in the song, if you really listen, truly do bring forth deep contemplation in one’s own life, but not so much in the heavy ‘what am I doing with my life’ depressing kind of way. On the contrary, they make you think back on your life, contemplating your blissful ignorance and the beauty in the unknown and complete lack of control in regard to matters of the heart. The sentiments are warm and fuzzy with remains of excitement and hopefulness.

Written by Gabrielle Lasater

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