Six minutes of pure, groovy bliss is nothing short of what I’d expect from a new Bonobo track. “Linked” is a perfect blend of pretty, ambient sounds flowing over a steady kick drum and percussive filler rhythms with dancey synth melodies. The middle section is like a breath of fresh air with synth voices singing and guiding your *inhale* and *exhale.* The song finishes back with a similar vibe as the intro but with extra layers of a high-hat riff and an electronic sample that resembles the sound of boomwhackers tampered with to create that unique Bonobo sound. 


Earlier this year Bonobo released new music for the first time since his 2017 Migration album. Compared to the earthy and worldly musical influences of Migration, Bonobo put out a mixtape in February showcasing his trip-house and house DJ-style talents. “Ibrik” was the first single to be released prior to the full-length “fabric presents Bonobo (DJ Mix)”, which got Bonobo fans all over excited for new music. 

Other new tracks “Flicker” and “Boston Common” were released within the mixtape as the first two tracks. The rest of the songs on the mix are by other artists like Pote, Alex Kassian, Durante, Olsen, and more. He did a fantastic job melding the different songs together to create a natural flow between them. The mix is house-influenced, a break from Bonobo’s more recent music influenced by jazz and other world music, and back to the basics of his trip-hop, house origin. 


There is a distinct difference between Bonobo’s live sets, where he performs with talented live musicians, and his trip-hop, house, electronica DJ sets. I’ve never been able to catch a DJ set, so I’m very excited to experience his other side at Deep Tropics Music, Art, & Style Festival in a few weeks! Will we see you there? Get your tickets here

This British musician, producer and DJ has an extensive discography with music dating all the way back to 2000. I’d recommend exploring his pages and making your way through his entire collection. Don’t know where to start? After you listen to this mixtape, you might as well listen to the entirety of Migration, and then do yourself a favor and go all the way back to Silver/Sleepy Seven.

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