Beth de Bacci Releases Newest Song, “Monster in Me”

British singer-songwriter Beth de Bacci just released her newest song, “The Monster in Me”, a song about one’s inner self and anxieties. The song gives a perspective of someone trying to overcome their battles with these things and is a personal journey of working on oneself.

Beth de Bacci has been around music since a young age, as her mother was a DJ. Playing and writing music since childhood, de Bacci gave up on her dream at age eighteen and went to study science at university. Becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep, she did not make music for five years and at twenty-five decided music was the track she wanted to be back on. “Monster in Me” is the title track of her EP, which is her first since making this decision!

A vulnerable and bittersweet tune, de Bacci’s soothing vocals start out strong with accompanying backing instrumentals that seamlessly tie into her vocals to create a listening experience that puts one at ease and makes one feel as if everything will be alright. Throughout the entirety of the song, de Bacci sings of “cutting ties” with the monster in her, presumably anxiety and other worries. The song is somewhat of a plea for a moment of peace and the process of this.

From the beginning, the perspective is clearly struggling and implies something is needed to take the pain away just to feel something. The chorus carries into the realization they’re ready to overcome this inside of them because they are not themself. The bridge is the final moment in which they’ve reached the point of comfortability within themselves and are on the other side. “The Monster in Me” can be listened to on Spotify NOW, and is a great song of empowerment that it”s okay not to be okay.

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