Bane Of Olympus Welcomes Us With ‘Wolf Cross’

Metal has always played a huge part in our culture. No matter country you may be, it’s loud sound and aura has touched us one way or the other. It’s expressiveness continues to inspire a generation to speak out most especially for those who can’t. The toughness it radiates, a model for us to not give up in life’s continuous challenges. A way of living and thinking, metal is more than just a genre of music.

The same spirit swirls round and round in instrumental act Bane Of Olympus with their latest song ‘Wolf Cross’. Released April 24th in all major streaming platforms. ‘Wolf Cross’ is a gritty and skull crushing track that gets you hyped up in an instant. Fitting for an action packed adventure in film or in real life. Bane Of Olympus’ offering fires up the senses as if saying “YOU CAN DO IT!” (Yes, in all caps).

As much as it is an emotional and energy boost, giving all of us an adrenaline rush. ‘Wolf Cross’ plays a special part in Bane Of Olympus’ larger mission. What’s that you may ask? To answer it simply, they want “To bring metal to the masses”. Make it more accessible to those who want to get into it and are curious about it. A place where everyone is welcome to bask in metal’s glory. They swing the doors of The Shrine Of Metal wide open – come one, come all.

Big on emotions, and less on words as heard in ‘Wolf Cross’. Bane Of Olympus wants us to experience metal and see for ourselves how it intersects with who are as individuals. A stroke of pure genius, this allows for audiences to still hear their voices without being lost in piece itself. Sure the genre they represent could have stereotypes of being outrageous or often times cold, but they are far from that. They are musicians with a heart of gold and a living testament that music is for everyone.

On the lookout for Bane Of Olympus? Then give them a follow on their official Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube accounts for mind melting content!

Happy Monday!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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