Ballin’ Jacks ‘Silently’ Is A Stunning Ballad For An Aching Heart

“Speech is silver, silence is golden” is a popular proverb from the 9th century which emphasizes that staying quiet has its merits too. It accentuates that saying nothing in selected situations is just as deafening than screaming. But what if that very choice to hush oneself for some reason turns out to be the cause for a fractured relationship? What are you to do? Is silence still considered golden then?

These are just some questions that plague the mind as well and eats away at the soul of someone in love with a person who rarely expresses their emotions. In turn, these are the same worries that haunt the London based band Ballin’ Jacks with their single “Silently”. Released last December 24th, the track provides us a deeper insight at the thoughts and insecurities of being romantically entangled with a person who’s selectively mute. Like a person standing in the freezing cold looking through a frosted window, they’re shut out of their lover’s life (access denied) just like that. All of a sudden doubts start to surface, “do they still love me?”, “am I important to you?”.

Whether the other isn’t really all that talkative or is plainly hiding something. The effects of this one sided exchange specially when prolonged is devastating. It can drive someone insane as they grasp for straws just trying to understand everything presented to them. It’s a bullet straight to heart and this clearly shows in “Silently” specifically the lines “You don’t say what’s on your mind. Honey you know that I tried. I’m always coming in blind.”. That’s no way of showing love or better yet respect to the other party. In fact the lyrics go on to say “I just don’t know if you’re real.”, showing that this is a shock to the system even if it happens quite frequently. Ouch!

Despite all the pain incurred, what’s so surprising is that as the song gently burns we get to see a slight change in perspective. Instead of walking away, they choose stay and embrace this new reality with their partner. Not to play the victim but to work the kinks out and give this another go. To add to that, both slow dance in a dim room and suggest that they “Just hold each other instead.” at least for the time being. It’s not a happy ending, but a promise that things will get better in time.

So if your aching for a lovely ballad to cruise to alone or with your special someone, “Silently” by Ballin’ Jacks is a must add to your playlist. The storytelling, vocals and instrumentals are simply beautiful. It’s old timey ambience is a reminder of how music sounded way back when flashy and pulsating beats haven’t dominated the music scene. In a way, it’s a time travel piece that allows us to breathe amidst the colorful ruckus we are in.

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Happy New Year friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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