The world of art and music is such a wonderful place to be. It embraces everyone with no exceptions and inhibitions. Come as you are as the saying goes, whether you go with or against the current you’ve got a space made just for you. All are artists, and every piece put forth out there is a masterpiece.

One that perfectly fits this especially the “going against the grain” part would be Baby Queen. She’s got that signature sound, and X factor that could grab anyone’s attention at will. She’s unconventional and yet perfectly belonging in the music industry. Just like her name, she’s a Queen and absolutely endearing like a baby. But don’t let that guard down because she’s a badass down to the core.

The same can be said with her recent track “Wannabe” released last November 9th via Island Records/ Slowplay. Danceable, relatable, and hummable, this is a landmark slapper as a new chapter opens with her ascending the anti-pop throne. This comes after her debut mixtape “The Yearbook”, a musical ode to being a teenager most especially that dreaded teen heartbreak. That we have felt one way or another in our younger years. This tongue and cheek love letter of sorts to our junior years received praises from outlets such as Clash magazine, DIY magazine, The Line Of Best Fit and so much more.

With her new entry “Wannabe”, this has the makings of an anthem we could all adhere to. But this one has that special twist because it speaks about the underdog in us all. It’s a celebration of uniqueness and towing the line less traveled. It’s a call to set yourself free and “Be a loser like me”. To live life without the burden of pleasing people or the fear that everything done would end up as gossip fuel.

As much as it is a tune for people to enjoy and get inspired by, this is the 23-year-old Bella Latham aka Baby Queen sharing her experiences to the world. In her own words, “I’m from the city where all the kids are pretty but dumb. Which is a pity, they just don’t get it. They call me crazy because I call me baby And won’t sit like a lady, no way, forget it. To all the stoners, the junkies and the loners And menthol ciggie smokers I am the queen of everything.” Even then she was different, stood out like a sore thumb and misjudged at every turn. Now that she is a blossoming superstar, the noise hasn’t stopped and she’s fine with that. Rather than fight it off or clap back, she used every critique to make a name for herself. Look where she is now!

If we look at her MV, we are treated with a myriad of visual candies. From the background, outfits, personalities, and locations itself everything pops out at you. It’s a perfect parallel to Baby Queen herself and what she stands for. What’s mesmerizing about it all is despite the chaos around, she thrives and revels in it. In fact, she talks to us (the audience) all through out as if saying “welcome to my world”. This is her version of a grand tour, not of a place mind you but of the attributes that make her who she is. All in all, the music video is jaw dropping because of its aesthetic but most of all because of Bella’s honesty.

This gem from London is proof that being yourself pays off. Yes, there will be detractors and critiques thrown at you, but it’s all worth it. Finally, freedom from the chains of expectations, and the norms created by society. Whether as Baby Queen or Bella, the life she’s been leading is deserving of a standing ovation. It takes guts to show who you truly are, and she did it with flying colors.

Need more Baby Queen in your life? If so, head on over to her Tumblr, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube accounts for exciting content. As well as news, announcements and so much more!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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