Rising genre-bending, punk hip-hop sensation, Ashnikko, has set herself apart in the music industry with her artistic mindset focused on creating sexual liberation in her music. Her hyper-stylized, anime and video game influenced persona has brought out a unique side to the industry.

Ashnikko is currently based in London after burying herself in the city’s culture and shaping her sound. Born and raised in North Carolina, the artist transformed her musical diet from country and Slipknot to female artists– all of which who are feminist or “sex positive,” and established a new home for herself in the community of city nightclubs, open mics, and wandering through London. She released her first EP in 2017. Her third EP, Hi It’s Me, including her first major hit, “Stupid,” (featuring Yung Baby Tate) was released in 2019. The track went viral on several platforms and reached both the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart and the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop chart. That same year, she toured with Danny Brown, before releasing “Cry,” her collaboration with Grimes, in June of 2020. Ashnikko dropped her first full-length album, Demidevil, on January 15th.

This week, Vevo announced the release of Ashnikko’s live DSCVR performances of “Daisy” and “Deal With It” from Demidevil. While focusing on the development of emerging artists, Vevo carefully curates performance content, and has a long history of helping these artists break through to wider audiences. Many of her fans haven’t had the privilege of witnessing her live on tour. Vevo has created a unique opportunity for Ashnikko’s listeners to watch and gain a taste of her unique presence.

“Daisy,” has taken over multiple platforms on social media. With over 150 million plays on Spotify alone, the track’s contagious beat rings in the mind along with it’s feminist message. Dubbed as an anthem to sex-positivity, Ashnikko’s characteristic energy radiates from the track.

On Vevo’s exclusive performance of the hit song, Ashnikko sets the stage wearing platforms, fishnets, and her blue hair trails elegantly around her as she dances. Her vocals are crisp and gritty in each verse, then contrasts with the bubblegum-sweet in sound in the chorus.

The other track featured on Vevo, “Deal With It,” is a self-empowerment track about moving up after a break from a romantic relationship. Ashnikko breaks down this crunchy hit with a confident parade across the stage and buries the cliche of romanticizing over an ex-love with a melody that haunts the mind and cathartically blunt lyrics.

As we wait for the return of live performances, it’s opportunities and releases much like Vevo’s along with livestream events that soften the blow and numb the ache of their lack, if only a little bit.

Stream Ashnikko’s brand new full length album, Demidevil, available now on all streaming platforms.

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