April Jai Releases Cathartic and Hopeful Bedroom Pop Single, “Me Too”

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April Jai is a pop artist currently residing in London, UK. Following the success of her debut EP The Last Goodbye, which went to #2 on iTunes, she has been performing at gigs and festivals across the UK and Europe. April released her follow-up single “Back Again” in early 2020 and has since been working on a string of releases with a brand new sound set to drop in 2021.

Her newest single, “Me Too,” is a beautifully moving track that captures emotions ranging from pain to hope. She shares,

Writing “Me Too” was the most cathartic experience for me. I had been told that “time heals all wounds” by so many people before and it just made me feel incredibly horrible and guilty for not having healed from my trauma, so out of those feelings, this song was born. This might be the saddest song I’ll ever write but there’s definitely a message of hope in there too. I’ve been super nervous about releasing this song but I know for a fact that it will help someone who is also trying to heal from a traumatic experience.

If there is truth to the idea that pain and dark times can beget beautiful art, then April is a testament to that. “Me Too” was written out of pain, that much is apparent from her reflection on the song but also in her vocal performance, but the product is something that is intensely magnificent. It’s a delicate showcase of April’s prowess as a songstress while also being a strong demonstration of her resilience as a person. This tender piano ballad reveals the difficult inner battles that someone recovering from trauma deals with – wanting to just move past the experience but also wanting closure. And sometimes that closure comes in the form of accepting that the closure needs to come from inside.

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