Antimus Prime (King Ant) Lays Down Vulnerable Verses in “Glisten”

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I’m sure we all have heard of the phrase “Not everything that glitters is gold,” meaning that just because something looks shiny and attractive on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s actually valuable. Hip-hop artist, Antimus Prime (King Ant), puts a new spin on the age-old phrase with his single, “Glisten.”

Hailing from Apex, North Carolina, King Ant is inspired by the golden era of hip-hop and brings a soulful but new sound to the culture. From story-telling to abstract lyricism, he has a unique but reminiscent approach to hip-hop. He showcases his artistry over sound production provided by his music mentor and producer, PB Beats.

“Glisten” features an instrumental that’s reminiscent of classic hip-hop instrumentals. It contains light percussions and trilling elements that give the song a very buoyant feel. King Ant enters with a deeper tone as he starts his verses. He lays down some emotional and vulnerable lines, contemplating the lessons has learned in life and some of the struggles he still faces today. He struggles between wanting to be somewhere else, physically and emotionally, so that he doesn’t have to face the pain, but having responsibilities that require him to stay where he is. He repeats the line his mom told him, “Don’t think that it’s gold because it glistens,” and expresses regret in not listening to her.

This song serves two purposes: for King Ant, a way to express and process his emotions and turn those into words and for listeners, a reminder to not be distracted by the shiny things in life and focus on what truly matters before it feels like it’s too late.

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