Rhode Island Punk-Rock Band, Another One Down! releases a new single and video, 'Headspace.'

Rhode Island Punk-Rock Band, Another One Down! debut new single ‘Headspace’ and video release on September 9, 2021. It is a high-energy track that addresses stressful situations that can be mentally draining. Expresses all-around anguish of having to lose someone, dealing with those feelings. 

The five-piece band first emerged in 2014, with lead vocalist Marcus Simonini, lead guitarist Brandon Teh, rhythm guitarist Alex Thetonia, bassist Dylan Walsh, and drummer Ryan Beck. Among their most popular singles, ‘Stuck in the Wake’ and ‘Disconsolation.’ This year, the group put together an emotional track, self-reflecting on distressing times that have overwhelmed them. “I need space to clear my head/ and erase every word you said/ every thought I have of you/ feels like salt inside my wounds.” Simonini’s powerful vocal cords paired perfectly to melodic pop-punk sound. 

Another One Down! ‘Headspace’

‘Headspace’ music video directed by Killing It Entertainment is soul-stirring. The band rocks out in the living room space while Simonin goes thru an emotional breakdown. His raw performance accurately depicts the sentiment of coping with heartbreak and managing those lingering feelings. An electric guitar follows aggressive drumming and killer bass picking creating an ingenious sound. “I can’t forgive /I can’t forget/Swallowing pill after pill to get you out of my head/ I still feel this constant dread/ But I won’t let you in again.” Aerial footage of Simonin stepping out of the house ends with him staggering in the streets at night and getting hit by a car.

Another One Down! Headspace

Another One Down! is a phenomenal modern-day punk-rock band that has reintroduced the 2000s punk-rock scene. The Rhode Island Punk-Rock band song, ‘Headspace,’ will be included in their full-length album, ‘A Bitter Descent,’ due November 5, 2021. You can also preorder ‘A Bitter Decent on Bandcamp. Follow Another One Down! social media on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. 

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