“An Evening With Silk Sonic Live In Las Vegas” Is An Evening In Musical Paradise

On March 19th, I was lucky enough to be in the room of Dolby Live at Park MGM in Las Vegas to catch “An Evening With Silk Sonic.” When I say this was one of the greatest sets I’ve ever seen, I am not lying. The duo of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars brought the heat from start to finish, getting into their feelings in the middle of the set but never letting the energy drop. Fueled by their own individual careers as well as their excellent joint album from last November (An Evening With Silk Sonic), Silk Sonic and their excellent band brought the house down for the eighth night of their 25-night Las Vegas residency.

Photo Credit: John Esparza

Though they made sure that what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas by preventing the audience from using their phones, they had fun with that aspect of the show. Performing a musical skit the internet has so aptly titled “We Took Your Phones Away,” Bruno Mars engaged the crowd in the most Silk Sonic way possible: “Ladies, you look too good to be standing there with your phones pointed at the stage. Fellas, these ladies look too good for you to be standing there with your phones pointed at the stage.” The entire audience was dressed to impress, and the room felt like it was straight out of the ‘70s. The main stage setup looked like the set of Soul Train.

It still kept a modern flair to it, though. For instance, pyrotechnics were used with near reckless abandon – to great effect, I might add – and the front end of the stage setup was constantly shifting to accommodate the duo’s instrumental prowesses. Whenever Anderson .Paak was on drums, Bruno Mars was playing something – guitar, piano, auxiliary percussion, didn’t matter. He wanted to make sure everyone knew that they were in this together and on equal footing, and I give him the utmost respect for that.

The most natural highlight of the performance was the same highlight as their album. “Fly As Me” was everything I wanted and more in a live setting, and the audience was invested. However, if I had to pick one sequence that would stay in my head the longest, it was when the pair swapped songs on drums. Bruno Mars was on the kit for an incredible rendition of Anderson .Paak’s hit “Come Down,” and .Paak was on the kit for one of the greatest live performances of Mars’ “Runaway Baby.” The song swap was followed by a solo guitar rendition of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – shoutout to guitarist Mateus Asato – which segued into “Blast Off,” ending the main set before the group returned for an encore performance of their first song together and biggest hit, “Leave The Door Open” (complete with two disco balls).

I can only hope that these aren’t the only 25 opportunities to see Silk Sonic perform together as Silk Sonic, but if they are, I would recommend rushing to Las Vegas to make it work. There are still some tickets available here, and they have 17 more shows, stretching all the way to Memorial Day weekend but taking a break in April. Check out An Evening With Silk Sonic below as well as Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars’ individual catalogs, and you’ll understand why the energy was palpable in that room. If you’ve been lucky enough to be in the room, let us know what you thought!

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