Against the Current Takes Sac-Town for “Nightmares and Daydreams” World Tour

Against the Current is back stronger than ever on their first world tour since the pandemic. And we felt privileged to join them in Sacramento’s Ace of Spades since our last chat with them in the thick of our time in isolation from the outside world. See the full interview here.

Yours Truly opened the night, coming all the way from Australia and celebrating their first time at Ace of Spades. The drummer had clean movements and a look of practiced ease and the guitarist moved effortlessly to the notes harmonizing the lead vocalist. Overall it was an energetic performance that helped the night get started off beautifully!

Trophy Eyes threw themselves on stage and raged as the three piece gave the performance their all. Just a few songs into their set, the lead vocalist bolted off the stage to crowd surf. “None of you are safe,” he said only the song before… by then we knew what he meant, and we laughed.

As he hopped back onstage, he ensured everyone in the crowd was safe and feeling secure before continuing the performance. Each song continued to ramp up the energy as he encouraged fans to join in and give it their all as well.

Wake the f*ck up! Punch your friends in the face and walk on their heads…. but in all honesty, just have a f*cking good time.

Against the Current plunged into the ever growing energy the crowd had been building and anticipating the whole night. Even on a Sunday Ace of Spades raged on and rocked hard. And in quieter moments, lead vocalist, Chrissy Costanza sat on stage and felt every lyric she sang out. Her crisp, shining vocals contrasted the intense instrumental energy that reverberated in the walls and left the audience stunned by the band’s skill and talent. As far as the reasoning for the show feeling a little more special than most, Chrissy took a moment to comment before continuing the performance harder and stronger than ever before.

There was a moment where we weren’t able to go on tour. And that moment sucked. I think we take advantage of a lot of things, and we took advantage of it then. Think about that and why we are here today. And I want that kind of energy tonight.

See our full photo gallery of the evening here! Stay tuned for more updates on Against the Current, and get your tickets to their world tour here while you still can!

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