Dropkick Murphys’ Digital-Only Expanded Edition Of ‘Turn Up That Dial’ Out Now

We are currently in the third month of 2022 and yet it feels like it’s been more than that.  A lot has already transpired all around the world at a dizzying pace. The same goes with what’s happening in and around musiclandia. New artists, new songs, icons still at it, and what have you, it’s a garden out there filled with wild roses. Yes, you heard that right! Wild and yet uniquely beautiful in their own right.

For a wounded world, this is a needed jolt of energy to keep us sane and our hearts filled with hope. It’s a magical force that makes us dance and bop amidst cloudy days. So, turn up that dial, and keep on grooving. For one day, we shall all overcome because there’s always a rainbow after the rain. A bit poetic, but it fits.

Poeticism aside, songs are also poems in their own right with an added extra layer of instrumentation whether by vocals or actual instruments. Throughout our human history, there have been tons of acts that came and went. Some just as fast as an incoming MTA subway (New Yorkers standup!) and we’ll there are those who stayed. Ones who grew before our very eyes, personality, and musicality wise. These are always fun to see because it’s like seeing a friend grow up with you. Tons of examples to point out here, but a good example would be being The Dropkick Murphys’ who had their start in 90’s (1996 to be exact). With all the changes, in members, years and seasons they still remain strong as ever. Boston strong!

Case in point with all their previous records which captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. Their sold out shows and glowing reviews from critics and music connoisseurs alike. This tradition of excellence carries over through their digital only expanded version of “Turn Up That Dial” released last March 18th. Songs included in this gem are the following tracks: “Turn Up That Dial”, “L-EE-B-O-Y”, “Middle Finger”, “Queen Of Suffolk County”, “Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding”, “H.B.D.M.F.”, “Good As Gold”, “Smash Sh*t Up”, “Chosen Few”, “City By The Sea”, “I Wish You Were Here”, “We Shall Overcome”, “The Bonny”, and “James Connolly”. That’s a whooping total of 14 songs! Whew! It doesn’t stop there because they also unleashed their single “We Shall Overcome” accompanied with a music video last March 15th.

But wait there’s more because after their recently concluded Saint Patrick US tour, they will be on the road again this time in Europe starting June 11. Additional dates, times and locations will be dropped soon, so stay tuned for that folks. For now, here’s the schedule:

With all these and more coming soon, we could sternly say that The Dropkick Murphys’ aren’t just fueled by the luck of the Irish. They are group packed with superior talent that’s brimming to the seams. It’s been 26 years after, and we’re still clamoring for me. Just think about that.

In need of more The Dropkick Murphys’? If so, roll on over to their official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and YouTube accounts for more exciting content.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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