Singer/Songwriter Chloe Lowery has already had a pretty exciting, yet hectic year. When she isn’t singing and touring with Tran-Siberian Orchestra, on stage for the Broadway hit “Rocktopia” she is recording music videos for each song on her most recent album The In Between. We were recently able snag a few minutes out of her busy schedule to ask her how her year has been so far and also asked her if she could create a short Spotify playlist of songs she is currently listening to.

This year has been going by pretty fast with the release of the new album. I have been working a lot on music videos lately. There was a concept that we had planned out for this album. Essentially, for every song on the album we would do a music video, so once all the videos are released it will end up full length movie. We finished these over 2-3 months and in various different locations. I am pretty excited about them. The record was really organic in how it was made and just turned into a story. In today’s industry it’s hard to get people engaged and to stop and pay attention. I thought the album was so “visual” in the content of the lyrics, I decided I wanted a video for each song. Sometimes when there is a visual people are more likely to listen. I am super proud of what we came up with. There are about 4 videos left to come out so I am excited about that. In addition, I had been prepping for the album release and so far it’s been received very well so I am extremely happy and thankful for that. It’s been great, moving really fast.

— Chloe Lowery

1.  Lizzo – Truth Hurts

Lizzo is pretty much the hottest thing happening right now. I like her because she is all about being body positive. I think she is just very real and I think her record is fantastic. “Truth Hurts” is just an awesome jam and my girlfriends and I just love it.

2.  Katy Perry – Never Ever Really Over

I actually love this new Katy Perry song. I really love the production of it. I think it was produced by Zedd. I feel very fascinated with the production of this song. It’s really simple and I think that oversimplification of music is really clicking with fans of pop fans these days.

3.  Todrick Hall – Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels

I went to the recent pride parade in Boston and am going to the one in New York and everything currently is rainbow scapes and a fantastic land of life right now. So Todrick Hall, who is epicly talented released this song which is essentially a “Gay anthem”. The video is just fantastic and its just one of those songs that I love getting ready to.

4.  Waitress the Musical – What Baking Can Do

I recently saw Waitress the Musical and I loved it. I think Sara Bareilles did an amazing job with that. So I have just been singing along to that all that time. It’s why I chose “What Baking Can Do”

5.  Lennon Stella – Feelings

I kind of have a secret crush on this girl, Lennon Stella. I think she is on that show Nashville. I like her tone, she is not super “Gymnastic” with her voice but she has a nice mellow tone. I think she is a budding artist that will hit soon. I really enjoyed her most recent EP.

6.  Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

My inner “Moody self” is totally related to Lana Del Ray haha. So I went back to her earlier stuff. This is another album that I am just fascinated with the production. She has a very simplified voice but the production is so cinematic, which is a juxtaposition from her voice. It’s blended so beautifully.

7.  Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan! I listen to them usually when I am cleaning my house. Just love them so much.

8.  Carole King – It’s Too Late

Carole King is just amazing. This song popped up randomly on shuffle and its just such a great, classic song.

9.  Lewis Capaldi – when the party’s over

I am just getting into Lewis Capaldi but I heard him do a cover of Billie Eilish’s “When the party’s over” and I thought it was amazing. I think it’s actually better than the original. His voice is super emotional and the arrangement of the song immediately made me want to listen to it again.

10.  Mariah Carey – Fantasy

Last but not least is Mariah Carey. Usually when I am trying to stretch my voice I practice with Mariah or Whitney “Fantasy” was the very first pop song that I can remember. I think it came out when I was in 3rd grade. I made my parents go out and buy me the record and it’s a throwback. It’s summer now and it’s a fun song to listen to.

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Interview by Derek Jones

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