Written by Stephanie Regan

Rising dubstep producer and DJ, Subtronics, finally released a project he’s been hyping up for weeks: the Cyclops Army EP. Each track reflects its title through enthralling sonic characteristics, like whip-lashing beats, creepy laughter, and vocal clips like, “if you are not out of my driveway in 30 minutes, I will call the police.”

Under the cycloptic musical persona of Subtronics, is Philadelphia-born Jesse Kardon. The promising 20-something-year-old is quickly growing his band of supporters by creating his own unique sound that continues to stand out with a distinct robotic sound, wonky drops, and inclusion of humorous audio clips.

The EP consists of just 4 songs: “Cyclops Army,” “Glitch Fight,” “Loopholes,” and “They Call Me.”

The title track launches listeners into a funky bass rhythm, the instantly captivating sound of Subtronics. “Cyclops Army” includes a seemingly familiar female voice to announce “it’s a f*cking cyclops,” drowning underneath a swift buildup before a drop to slashing bass. The second track, “Glitch Fight,” sounds exactly like the title, vocal clips pop in between higher pitched, glitch-like beats.

Next we get “Loopholes,” a track with a few wobbly-sounding drops and slightly darker vocal samples. “They Call Me” brings the EP to an end, keeping with the general sound of the EP as a whole. Each track is an almost overwhelming amount of music that sounds like stacking various beats on top of each other. Subtronics has sampled most, if not all, of these tracks in mixes and live sets over the last year or so, but we finally got the songs on their own— Thank you, Jesse!

Each track on Subtronics’ latest EP, Cyclops Army, effectively unveils the DJ’s ability to layer beats, overall flawlessly showcasing what Jesse Kardon brings to Subtronics’ performances. If you’re not an electronic person, or “not into dubstep,” give this ‘one-eyed’ wub master a shot by listening to the Cylops Army EP.

Don’t miss out on this one! Cyclops Army EP is available now on SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes.

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