First Wednesday after Easter break meant time for me to forget about nice and cozy time with the family and get out to one of the underground venues in Copenhagen for an evening filled in with thrash metal music.  The dark room filled in almost completely with the fans of this kind of music to watch the German group, Rezet, and one of the hottest name on the thrash metal stage – Brazilian trio Nervosa.

Show started sharp at 9PM when the guys from Rezet entered the stage covered in clouds of smoke. It was my first meeting with their music so I didn’t know what to expect, but they have managed to deliver a very nice music set despite some small issues (band guitarist had to replace the guitar in the middle of the song). Their show was full of energy, harsh sound and smoke from the fog machines mounted in the front of the stage.

Ladies from Nervosa took over the stage 15 minutes after 10PM. It all started with band drummer Luana raising the drum sticks above her head to quickly drop it down on the drum kit membrane to push the pace which was quickly followed by guitar. Band played song after song delivering small doses of extremely and aggressive music including their most popular tracks like ‘Hostages’, ‘Intolerance Means War’ or one of the songs closing the whole set ‘Into Moshpit’. The whole performance lasted for just over an hour but it was definitely enough taking into consideration amount of energy delivered from stage. Nervosa proved that it’s not only samba music what Brazil has to offer.

One more thing – if Katy Perry thinks she can roar definitely she haven’t seen Nervosa’s vocalist – Fernanda. This small maybe looks nice but can roar for real!

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski