The Vintage Caravan – the psychedelic rock band from Iceland – stopped by in Copenhagen as a part to play the show being a part of their European tour. This guests from cold and exotic country was brought here in cooperation between Live Nation Denmark and Pumpehuset.

The warm up band from Belgium called Black Mirrors started the show. The blues-rock group led by charismatic vocalist Marcella Di Troia provided over 40 minutes of music. Band, which for most of the fans gathered in the club including me was unknown provided very electrifying performance, which I do believe helped the gain few fans in Denmark.

The Vintage Caravan jumped to the stage shortly after 10pm to start their crazy performance. Band which keeps their music style as well as appearance somewhere in the late 60’s. The rock trio played song after song showing off their skills and sharing the energy with the fans. The show provided was on high level and the band maintained interaction with the crowd either by small chit chats between the song or getting very close in the instrumental part of their songs. They appreciated the crowd reaction so much that they have played ‘Hidden Streams’ as one of the encore tracks. 

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski