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Big Business Evolve On Latest Album “The Beast You Are”

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I saw Seattle’s Big Business in 2011 on a tour with Torche in the underrated Grog Shop in the equally underrated Cleveland, OH. I knew very little of them except that one of the two had a fro of MC5 proportions, and that they were heavy as fuck. What I didn’t know was that I would be white man dancing as much and as often as I was throwing devil signs and screaming along to a cavalcade of sound, two parts fire breathing dragons in battle, one part soul train line dance. From that point forward I was a fan.

Fast forward to their newest record, “The Beast You Are” as a further example of the duos evolving sound. Big Business records have always been hard to classify, and I was never a fan of classification anyway, but their sound is getting better with each incarnation. Jared Warrens bass continues to sound like an out of control train whistle  or Distorted Organ, heard on lead track Abominable Snowman”or exceptional “Bright and Grey”. “Time and Heat” showcases the bands knack for writing really good songs with a sing along chorus that hooked me back in 2011.

“The Moor You Know” sludges along with clear influence from former band mates in the Melvins. “We Can Swarm” is all Cody Willis if only for a brief moment. “Under Everest” is a left turn toward the end of the album filed under noteworthy, and questionable, Christmas songs with solid vocal harmonizing complete with hand bells.

“The Beast You Are” is a good album, one to turn to 11 as you drive down a two lane highway, or to get you through traffic on your way to work, or comfort you after a break up, or turn on as background music to clean too…. or whatever….so go buy it.

  • Brian Furman

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