On April 25, Boulder Colorado’s Fox Theatre became an escape of EDM once again. People filed into the theatre, following their friends through the soon-to-be-packed venue in hopes of finding the perfect spot to freely dance. Four different openers paved the way towards an ultimately epic performance by DJ duo, ATLiens.

The night started out with a DJ named Brazen, accompanied by JEVNS. Brazen and JEVNS mixed popular hits from the earlier 2000s, like Beautiful Girl by Sean Kingston, and A Milli by Lil Wayne. A duality of familiar, nostalgic songs with the electronic touch from Brazen and JEVNS was the gradual introduction the audience needed into the night.

The next performance was by Daily Doses. He started off with the introduction of Babatunde, and continued to feature iconic EDM tracks throughout his set, including Motion by Peekaboo, and Phase One by Mersiv. Visuals from Daily Doses included lots of large circular shapes in bright pinks and blues, and at one point it looked like 2 or 3 tunnel visuals were being layered on top of one another. Daily Doses was the perfect choice to hype the crowd up with EDM staples as the Fox filled with more ravers.

The next opener was EXO, mixing popular hits on stage. EXO captivated the crowd with an enthusiastic performance of noteworthy remixes (Billie Eilish’s Bury a Friend and Disclosure’s You & Me, to name a couple). My personal favorite moment of EXO’s set was the red and pink geometric visuals flashing in the background as EXO mixed Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek on stage.

Bringing more bass to the Fox came the east coast pair, Just Like Us. Wearing Boulder Buff gear, one can only assume that these two 20-somethings attend the University of Colorado Boulder. The Fox was completely filled by this set, the quick puttering build ups to spacey bass drops had people in the audience hollering and headbanging. They also brought out friend and fellow CU Boulder student, Kayvon Azhir, to the stage for one song. Just Like Us seemed to have an intentional balance between light dubstep and remixes of familiar songs, like Michael Jackson’s Beat It. The balance effectively stabilized the audience in preparation for Georgia’s electronic duo, ATLiens.

Right around midnight, the Fox went black. Ravers on all levels of the Fox cheered for the performance they’ve been waiting for, the masked DJ duo ATLiens. They began their performance with a hard trap song, guaranteeing a wild and banging response from the crowd.

This event embodied each unique element of incognito duo ATLiens, to heighten the viewer’s musical experience. Animalistic figures appeared to be trapped, behind a gridded visual creating the appearance of a net, while the Fox projected ATLiens’ whiplashing bass. The crowd shouted out the lyrics to popular song Mo Bamba, before words began to echo out, distorting the chorus and ATLiens dropped the bass.

ATLiens is known for the anonymity their masks promise, and their identities remained hidden through this set as well. Both DJs were highly interactive with the crowd through the characters they have made for themselves through their legendary alien masks.

The two DJs played their most popular track IMMA, and both ATLiens used big hand gestures towards one another as if they were communicating. During more upbeat moments of their show, they moved their fingers as if they were dancing on their own to the slap of the bass. Pushing these characterizations works to the ATLien advantage, because this disguised duo seems to focused on the musical experience for the fans, more so than any other aspect of the show.

Brazen and JEAVNS, Daily Doses, EXO, and Just Like Us opened the night into a truly high-spirited atmosphere that was infectious through the crowd inside the Fox theatre. This was truly an unforgettable rave. Atlanta’s zestful pair ATLiens have passed through Colorado once again, leaving an impressionable mark of their distinctive trap / bass sound behind them.

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Written by Stephanie Regan

Photos by Jason Habib