Gracing us with a new single, Canadian songstress Syd Carter West is set on enchanting her audience with “Venom Hurts.” Detailing the effects of living with mental illness, the musician brings new themes to the country and western genre that this generation can heavily identify with. Both brave and enthralling, here is an inside look at the singer’s “messed up mental state.”

Photo Credits: Syd Carter West

Mental health doesn’t have to define who we are but rather the obstacles we can face and come back stronger and wiser… [The song] embodies the emotional pain and personal turmoil I go through on a daily basis, but instead of asking for pity, I’m asking for nothing

Syd Carter West on “Venom Hurts”

Front and center, Syd Carter West’s singing is the highlight off the track. Captivating a drawl similar to Waylon Jennings in “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”, West’s powerful voice carries the mix forward. Full of bravado and a unique flair, accolades go to the notes hit at 3:21 off the song while singing “curse” and “venom hurts.” Overall, West’s ability to command the crowd with her voice reminds me of artists such as Freddy Mercury and Layne Staley.

Photo Credits: Kaj Falch-Nielsen

Musically, the southern twang found in the song comes from its dreamy lap steel. Soothing the listener, this instrument compliment West’s singing enormously, while acoustic guitar and a simple drum beat provides the skeleton for the single. The addition of mandolin was also a pleasant surprise to hear as well. Knowing West’s influence includes Led Zeppelin, perhaps the incorporation of the instrument pays homage to iconic tunes such as “The Battle of Evermore” and “Going to California.” Nonetheless, the sleazy guitar solo at 1:56 rocks hard and deserves notice for adding a bit of good ol’ fashioned southern grit into the picture.

Video Credit: Blue Cafe Music and Video Official Youtube Channel

In conclusion, Syd Carter West’s “Venom Hurts” is the introspective take on country we need more of in 2022. For more music-related news, we’ve got you covered here at Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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