Unpacking Toosii’s Newest Album: ‘BOYS DON’T CRY: MEN DO’

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Released last October, Toosii’s newest album, ‘BOYS DON’T CRY: MEN DO’, unpacks and challenges the toxic stereotypes surrounding men’s mental health in just eleven songs. At only 22 years old, Toosii shares complex and intimate emotions that he has experienced throughout his life. Listeners are able to dive into his rough childhood, relate to teenage heartbreak, and learn the truth behind his come up. 

The opening song, ‘Frozen Below Zero’, encapsulates the societal norms and expectations placed on men–expectations that force men to be cold and heartless, norms that young Toosii struggles to understand. However, as the song progresses the evolution of Toosii is stark: he has grown into a man who is on his own journey of self-discovery as he molds his passion for music. 

“I done got my goals up/ Booked overseas, getting my shows up/ Investing my money got my bankroll up/ They ain’t think I know much/ I say okay, cool, well I’m gon’ show ya”

Lyrics from Frozen Below Zero

Outside of his self-discovery journey, Toosii explores the complexity of another journey–love. In, ‘City of Love’, listeners get to hear a side of love and romance that is not broadcasted in mainstream hip hop music. Instead of falling in love with the physical, he is fascinated with the resilience, passion, and mind of a woman–again challenging the stereotypes.

Following the love song trend, ‘Since the Ninth Grade’, tells his story of falling in love with his high school sweetheart and concludes with audio of the coos of his son–creating a deeper connection to his fans as he share intimate pieces of his life.

As all love stories end, ‘How Does It Feel’, unfortunately, tells a tale of heartbreak. In this song, he tells his truth about how his heartbreak affected him deeply. He navigates through conflicting emotions of being hurt and having to be okay for everyone else, having anger toward someone he loves deeply, and more.

‘Last Song’ is probably one of the hardest and most painful songs on this album. Despite making it through his “hard knock” childhood and reaching major milestones for his professional career, Toosii shares the most intimate and darkest parts of his journey. ‘Last Song‘ unpacks his depressive years. Toosii writes an ode to his fans to explain his suicidal thoughts and practically apologizes for the “lack of strength” to get through his deep depression.

“Growing up as a man, we were always taught to be tough, not to have emotions, and that boys don’t cry. But it’s just not true. It’s alright, as a man, to tap into the emotional side.”


‘Hey Now! (Car Freestyle)’ breaks through the hardest parts of Toosii’s life as he shares his appreciation to those who stuck by him through the ups and downs of his career. Despite the slow and somber piano in the background, we are able to see hope for Toosii as he continues to persevere. 

One of the more carefree and upbeat songs on the album, ‘Butterfly’ uncovers the way Toosii shows his love and affection in relationships. In this song, listeners get to hear his appreciation for a woman’s ambition for her own dreams. 

Growth requires reflection and ‘Bikini Bottom’ is exactly that. In this song, listeners travel between the then and now of Toosii’s life. He reflects on how his life has changed drastically but although he is proud of his growth, he makes it clear that his motivation continues to move him to strive for more. 

The upbeat and sensual vibes of ‘Date Night’ is a welcomed change of tone. Much like what would be expected of a true date night, listeners get to relate to the passionate nature of the song. 

Have you heard these lyrics?

Heartaches they don’t discriminate/You done taken my heart to a bitter place/No sweet, no sorrow/Here today, still here tomorrow, yeah.”

You probably have. That’s if you tune into your local R&B station or even take a casual scroll through Tik Tok. One of the more popular songs on the album, ‘Heartaches’, tells the harder parts of love that most can relate to. Toosii bares himself in this song, allowing listeners to hear and relate to what we all want–affection and love–and what it’s like not to have that.

The last song, ‘Love Is…’ wraps up the album perfectly. While the album isn’t necessarily ending with a happy ending, this song brings forth all the emotions and lessons that Toosii is learning even if they are still hard to understand. As the lyric states, “Love is weird” and so is life. ‘Love Is…”  mirrors the complexity of the entire message of the album. 

As UPROXX noted, “Toosii has never run away from difficult emotions…” That is evident throughout the album. Toosii continues to stand out among hip-hop/R & B artists. This album reaches a broader audience and shares the biggest lesson Toosii continues to learn:

“I’m just trying to learn to be the best person I can be for the people I love and for myself.”


If you’re interested in this message and in unpacking more from this album, BOYS DON’T CRY: MEN DO is available for streaming on all platforms.

To get more of ‘BOYS DON’T CRY: MEN DO’ click below to watch Toosii’s powerful performance of ‘BOYS DON’T CRY MEN DO’

Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. For more about Alexis, visit here LinkedIn linked below.
Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. For more about Alexis, visit here LinkedIn linked below.

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