November 16th saw the release of a new music video for “Unlovable,” directed by Nayip Ramos and taken from DIAMANTE’s ablum American Dream. DIAMANTE is a Boston-raised and Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American who has been hard at work ensuring her musical future since she was only a teenager. Today, she is a full fledged rockstar who was originally signed with Better Noise Music back in 2015.

DIAMANTE has grown exponetially in the past three years, and during this time she toured with artists including the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, and Shinedown. There is no doubt at all that DIAMANTE has made a true impact on the culture surrounding alternative music, and she will continue to improve as more years come and go.

“Unlovable is about my deepest insecurity, which is my fear that maybe I am too hard to love. Everyone at some point has been made to feel this way because it’s easy to believe (after many heartaches) that you yourself are the problem. It was written in the middle of lockdown when I wasn’t out on tour playing shows every night, and I was finally forced to sit with myself and feel every emotion/memory I had been suppressing… and my fear of being unlovable was definitely a haunting feeling.”


There is truth in the fact that the meaning behind “Unlovable” may be a lot for an idividual to ponder over. In the song, DIAMANTE is very vunerable through the lyrics she sings, and an early example can be seen in the chorus “thought I had a heart of gold, everything I touch turns to stone, is it my fault I always end up alone?” The sound of the track itself is very powerful, carried by piano and given excellent detail with DIAMANTE’s ever-powerful vocals. Although “Unlovable” is rather sad in presetation, this doesn’t take away from the true beauty that shows in its combined artistry.

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