UNI is back with their latest single and stunning visual “Debris.” The video premiered exclusively with NYLON, praising, “It’s got all the landmarks of an apocalyptic blockbuster soundtrack, which probably explains the track’s impressive accompanying video: a Mad Max: Fury Road and Stranger Things mash-up, complete with face prosthetics and eerie middle America wandering.”

On the video member, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, (Ghost Of The Saber Tooth Tiger/Jack White Bassist) explains “Debris’ is about a post apocalyptic cult, embracing the manifesto of “Mutate or Die”, and using the metaphor of the end of the world for the end of a relationship.

Right after we filmed it there were pandemics and riots, so it felt eerily premonitory of the despair and destruction of western civilization getting it’s comeuppance, but also about the phoenix of a better future rising from the ashes.

My main inspirations for directing it were Man Who Fell To Earth, Nam June Paik, and Mandy. Jack plays the genderless alien cult leader. David is the warrior, and I was inspired by the mysterious and ominous presence of Kim Jong Un’s sister and royal advisor for my role, who is one of those rare, ice cold women running a militaristic state.”

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