Top Music Videos This Week: Now in VHS

Between disposable cameras and mini digital cameras, Gen Z has taken a strong interest in revitalizing the technology of the past. In the world of music videos, many newer artists have been using VHS recording or filtering to achieve a more retro look, often reflecting an appreciation for 80s and 90s music scenes. These young artists have managed to capture both nostalgia and timelessness with their blasts from the past, and continue to take influence from the primetime of VHS while still making it their own.

“lighthouse” by paris jackson

Paris Jackson is following up her 2020 debut album wilted with a brand new sound. Her new single “lighthouse” channels classic 90s rock and grunge, a big shift from her more moody and melancholic debut. That being said, jackson has brought the same palpable feelings of heartbreak and love through her poignant lyricism. “‘wilted’ was a more melancholy record, and now I’m exploring more of the anger…” says jackson. The music video is a direct reference to the Nirvana video for “Sliver,” and jackson executes the perfect throwback sound while still staying true to her roots.

“I’ve Got The Secret” by Island of Love

Island of Love released what they describe as their “most ridiculous” song off of their debut album. The song combines all of the jamming, screaming, and self-proclaimed overuse of the word “bloke” that represents 80s and 90s British punk. The video almost entirely takes place in what looks like someone’s basement, and it’s obvious that every band member is having the time of their lives. After signing with Jack White’s Third Man Records, Island of Love has been on a roll, and their album is one you don’t want to miss.

“Prescription” by Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf slows things down with her new single “Prescription,” paired with a VHS-recorded video of her singing live. Wolf’s infectious pop-soul vocals pair perfectly with the slow and steady R&B tune, creating what can only be described as a warm and inviting listening experience. The song is set to appear in Boots Riley’s new show I’m a Virgo, and was inspired by a conversation the two had on the phone. This is Wolf’s first single of 2023, following her widely successful album Juno Deluxe. Make sure to catch her on tour this summer!

“Takes Time” by Gal Pal

Gal Pal is back and better than ever. After a six year hiatus, the trio is gearing up to release their next album This and Other Gestures, which is scheduled to debut on June 2. “Takes Time,” their most recent single off of the album, is a culmination of the growth and progress the group has gone through over the last six years, both as a group and individually. Originally meeting as college students living on the same dorm floor, the group is now embracing the intense changes they have gone through as they’ve gone through their early twenties. The song looks back at their old selves while accepting the prospect of new beginnings, all while confidently expressing their unique sound and style. Check out their other new singles “Angel in the Flesh” and  “Mirror..”

“Ribs” by Rachel Chinouriri

Rachel Chinouriri gets personal with her new single “Ribs.” Chinouriri’s lyrics always feel very genuine, paired with her soft and gentle vocals that give a real earnestness to her music. Now, she’s taking it one step further with the new video for “Ribs,” which takes us with her as she records, tours, travels, and hangs out with friends. The whole thing is filled with the nostalgia of a home movie, which I think really brings together the heartfelt nature of the song, which Chinouriri described as being a product of having a, chest cold and crush. Make sure to stay up to date on all of her new releases here.

It might be time to whip out the old VHS recorder and film a home movie. Or, if you’re not feeling up to it, use these songs and videos as a way to walk down memory lane and stay tuned for next week’s top picks!

I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂
I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂

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