Top Music Videos This Week: Neon Nights

There’s something about neon lights, whether that be entering a club or walking down city streets at night, that instantly make you feel like you’re in a movie. With a wide range of genres and artists, these music videos not only use colorful lighting and visuals to create epic video accompaniments, but their songs encapsulate that dreamy, neon night feeling in the best possible way.

“One That Got Away” by MUNA

MUNA debuted their new single “One That Got Away” at Coachella this past month, and have paired it with a deliciously food infused, neon lit music video showcasing the three band members cooking, gambling, and in the words of lead singer Katie Gavin, “just rubbing your hot ass in the face of someone who messed up their chance of being with you.” The video was directed by Ally Pankiw, who has directed for the band in the past, and translates the confidence of the song into a colorful, sexually charged dinner scene, complete with a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss of course. The band has recently begun their run as members of the long list of Taylor Swift openers on her tour, and will continue to perform on their own North American, EU, and UK tours for the rest of the summer, so don’t miss out on getting your tickets here!

“Black Math” by The White Stripes

The White Stripes are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their widely successful album Elephant this year, and have continued the celebration by releasing a brand new music video for their hit song “Black Math.” The video, created by animator Wartella, is truly a visual spectacle. The video combines Wartella’s talent with AI generated art to create an over-the-top amalgamation of brightly colored visuals, including some renderings of Jack and Meg White as their younger selves. “Like all art, the video is open to interpretation. Yet it also aims to tell a story about Artificial Intelligence that dreams of jailbreaking itself and becoming ‘real,’” says Wartella.

“Overstimulated” by Cat & Calmell

Cat & Calmell’s new single “Overstimulated” is like jumping into a comic book strip. The duo delivers their usual powerful and gut wrenching vocals, this time with the help of directors Joshua Moll and Oliver Kirby, who brings this techno-sci-fi dream to life. The video was shot on sight in South Korea, and uses the bustling life and neon lights of the city to do exactly what the song title promises — overstimulate. In the video, as well as in the mixed slow melodic and powerful alt-pop vocals, the two go back and forth between dominating and succumbing to their inner turmoils. One of the most visually stunning videos the duo has ever made, this one is definitely worth checking out.

“Jacaré” by SOFI TUKKER

SOFI TUKKER’s new single “Jacaré” combines a great house beat with catchy vocals that create the perfect summer vibe. Not only that, but the music video, directed by the acclaimed Aerin Moreno, perfectly captures a beautiful summer day into night in Rio de Janeiro. What begins as a bright and sunny day traversing the streets and beach quickly descends into a sensual, colorfully lit night of dancing and romance. The whole combination is perfectly dreamlike and fun, basically inviting you jump in and dance with them. After two successful weekends at Coachella, the duo will continue on tour for the rest of the spring and summer, as well as debuting more new music, make sure to get your tickets here.

“True love” by Christine and the Queens (feat. 070 Shake)

Also coming off of the tails of Coachella, Christine and the Queens released their new single “True love,” an emotionally charged pop-ballad paired with overlaid clips of Chris dancing and posing. The haunting piece shares a lot of the same angelic imagery from the French artist’s previous single,  “To be honest,” which comes off of their upcoming album PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE, debuting June 9 and available for pre-order here. Lit from the front in full red light, the video experience feels like entering an underground world of sorts, and is truly a testament to Christine and the Queens range of artistic talents. You can get tickets to their upcoming tour here.

Next time you’re walking down a lit up city street or simply sitting in your bed wishing you were at a club, try these videos for an instant moody movie moment, and make sure to keep your eyes out for next week’s top picks!

I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂
I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂

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