Penelope Isles, consisting of Lily and Jack Wolter, has just premired a new music video for “Have You Heard,” a track coming from their most recent album Which Way To Happy. On December 8th, along with the music video’s release, they announced that they will be going on tour, and will be traveling to multiple cities across the world, including destinations in the United Kingdom, United States, and others. “Have You Heard,” and the rest of the Which Way To Happy album came after a rough patch of uncertainity and heartache for the band, just after they had lost two bandmates and were claustrophobic while sheltering from the pandemic in a small cottage in Cornwall.

“We were there for about two or three months, ultimately. It was a tiny cottage and we all went a bit bonkers, and we drank far too much, and it spiralled a bit out of control. There were a lot of emotional evenings and realisations, which I think reflects in the songs. Writing and recording new music was a huge part of the recovery process for all of us.”

~ Jack Wolter

Specifically, the showing message of their recent work highlights the fact that it is OK to not be OK. They present all of this and more in their own way of expressing true and heartfelt intimacies.

The video presents rather chaotic scenes one after the other. It is entirely shot in black and white, and a lot of moments are put in reverse, like seeing someone blow in smoke rather than blowing it out. The lyrics, sung by Lily, are delicately brought to life and given added flare with fast paced drums and a roaring eletronic gituar. When put together, all of these aspects create the unforgettable and emotional sound that encapsulates the unique taste of what Penelope Isles stand for.

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