Tim Riehm Reminds You That “You’re a Star” in Feel-Good Acoustic Jam

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Singer/songwriter Tim Riehm has just released his debut EP, Care Package, and it’s a hope-filled spotlight of his vocal and writing skills. Working with producer Jason Lehning, Tim will be showcasing his singer/songwriter talents on this EP with infused pop elements that remain true to his organic sensibilities.

Originally from the small town of Easley, SC, Tim began writing and playing his own music in high school as a cathartic hobby. At Clemson University, he met like-minded musicians and formed a band that played a variety of local festivals and venues, eventually recording an EP at the performing arts center. This pivotal era reinforced Tim’s passion to create and perform music and so he made the move to Nashville, TN, in 2016. Now an insider in the songwriting community, Tim has immersed himself in guitar playing, lyricism, and collaborations that have poised him for an evolution to take on pop royalty.

“You’re a Star” is a feel-good acoustic jam that carries a meaningful message as well as a touching backstory. Tim says,

I wrote “You’re a Star” when I was really sad, to be honest. I was feeling really insecure about a lot of things: music and money, mostly. I was just in a dark place, so I sought my form of therapy and started writing. It was one of those situations where I was metaphorically standing in the mirror and telling myself compliments to hype myself up–and it worked.

“You’re a Star” talks about putting on a front for other people and hiding the real you, about letting people’s words get to you, and about just generally feeling down on yourself, but at the end of every line of doubt, it comes back to the idea that the things we get down on are actually what make us amazing.

The hope-filled message floats on top of a delicate and graceful guitar line. Completed with Tim’s tender vocals, the song instills a gradual warmth that radiates throughout your whole body. The first time I listened to “You’re a Star,” it gave me the feeling that “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley & The Wailers gives me even though they’re very different songs production-wise. It’s just such a calming song, even more so when harmonizing vocals, twinkling elements, and whistling tunes fold into the mix. The positive message is clearly delivered through this heartwarming platform.

Reflecting on Care Package, Tim says working on the songs dug him out of a dark place. He’s hoping it can do the same for his listeners.

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