Tiger Army is currently touring in support of their sixth full-length album Retrofuture, bringing along fellow west coast based acts Sad Girl and Kate Clover.

The tour made a stop recently in Austin, TX and just barely squeezed the psychobilly band’s fans into The Parish on the famed 6th St.

Kate Clover and Sad Girl opened the 3 band bill and were very well received by an audience that prides itself on knowing good music and live music.


When it was time for Tiger Army to take the stage, they walked out with a swagger that only a band that’s been around for over two decades should be allowed to confidently display.

Singer Nick 13, upright bass player Djordje Stijepovic and drummer Mike Fasano seamlessly fuse punk rock and rockabilly together to make what is dubbed psychobilly and are no doubt one of the best psychobilly bands around. 

As the band went into their new song “Devil That You Don’t Know”, you could tell their fans had done their homework, singing along with every word and showing the same enthusiasm for the new songs as they show for the older tracks.

The fact that the band’s back catalog still sounds relevant proves the band’s music to be timeless and the band seems to be just getting started.

You can catch Tiger Army Currently on tour at one of the following dates
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