The Talking Stage Put Into Song: Faux Rain’s “Don’t Mind Me”

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On “Don’t Mind Me,” Faux Rain puts out a great song about relationships. They focus on the fact that every relationship has imperfections as well as the period of confusion that every relationship has to go through where the parties involved aren’t quite sure what the other wants but they’re trying to gauge interest before moving forward (“I’m just taking a second to figure you out”). There’s plenty of good things to say about this track. The lyrics are great for the style, the sound is excellent, and the accompanying video is reminiscent of the mid-2010’s in the best way possible.

The highlight of the song, however, is the pre-bridge. Every instrumental track brings it way down, allowing the drums to take center stage as the guitars keep the same steady time they have throughout the entire song. To have this moment in this kind of a song is always wonderful, and Faux Rain executes it to perfection before bringing in a heavier instrumental bridge, something in the vein of Nothing But Thieves or Muse

The chorus after the bridge keeps some of the same heavy energy, but it gives way to calming guitars and keyboards that start to fade out to signify not only the end of the song, but also the end of the “waiting” period the song discusses. Whether or not the song’s protagonist gets through the “waiting” period to a positive outcome or a negative outcome is immaterial. The ups and downs of the talking stage are now over, and it’s up for the listener to decide whether or not it ended well.

Overall, “Don’t Mind Me” is a solid track from a solid band, and we’ve featured it on our Shattered Glasse playlist. Definitely check this one out if you’re looking for that 2010’s indie vibe with a little bit of heavier energy!

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