Previously known as Spirit Animal, the now titled band Record Heat released their newest track “Left Hand Cigarette” on December 10th, 2021. The single is performed Steve Cooper, Cal Stamp, Ben Talmi, and Paul Michel, and has captured the hearts of fans around the world. “Left Hand Cigarette” follows their previous single, “Magnetic Woman,” and both songs can be found under their newest EP, titled Love. Of course, Record Heat continues to impress, receiving positive reception from media companies of the likes of Consequence of Sound, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, Billboard, Alternative Press, Ones To Watch and Pop Dust. They have been the one’s to look out for every since they released their debut album, titled Born Yesterday.

“Fleeting moments can make for the longest lasting memories: a glance exchanged; an unforgettable scent; the feeling of ‘what could have been.’ With ‘Left Hand Cigarette’ we tried to capture this in heartbreaking detail, down to the hand the subject was smoking with. We dreamt up our missed connection’s backstory and projected it onto the fattest distortion bass we could muster.” 

Record Heat has drawn in an abundance of fans, even some that are dedicated enough to tattoo lyrics of their songs onto themselves. “Left Hand Cigarette” elaborates on how this is so, the single contains incredibly smooth guitar work and a voice that meshes with the instrumentals perfectly. The track itself speaks about letting someone go, creatively describing such a manner as “in like the wind, out like a candle,” then later clarifies that “you were the wind, I was a candle.” The bass kicks in with full power during the song’s chorus, and the alt-pop roots of the song spring to life. Plainly said, “Left Hand Cigarette” is full of energy yet immensely satisfying.

The track can be purchased here, and added to your playlists on Spotify here:

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