The “Iconic” Nature of New and Old in meadowhip’s Newest Single

“Iconic” was released by meadowhip on May 2, 2022. The track is a warm and sultry love song, full of smooth pop-R&B hooks, jazzy keys, a lazy bass and tons other surprises that is presented throughout each minute of listening.

meadowhip is known to be the creation of Australian singer/songwriter/poet Cara Walkam, and is influenced by artists such as Solange, Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean and Blondie. The project fuses introspective, impatient and irreverent lyrics with pop melodies and elements of psychedelic soul, alt-R&B and jazz. It’s an exploration of self and society from Walkam’s perspective, as she puts it, “I’m here to discuss the big three – capitalism, the patriarchy, and myself.”

The introduction of “Iconic” is all that listeners need to deeply fall in love with meadowhip’s artistry. The single immediately starts off with a carefully crafted keyboard, jingling bells and a jazz sound to make any jazz fans ecstatic. It’s a combination of new and old, as one will discover as the track moves along, blending together a modern sound in vocals and beats with elements of an older, groovy style mixed in as if it were effortless. It speaks of a duo labeled as iconic, two people that are perfect for each other who met at the right place in the right time. Walkam’s elegant vocals lead the lo-fi/hip hop inspired beats, and the song eventually reaches its conclusion as a gorgeous trumpet solo from Sydney’s Tommy Gun. Taking on multiple genres at once, “Iconic” lands on all of them with artistic excellence, truly earning the description that its title suggests.

meadowhip can also be found on Instagram and TikTok.

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