The Greeting Committee have returned with a new single, “Float Away,” to go along with the announcement of their new album’s impending release. Their second studio album, Dandelion, will be released on September 24th, featuring production by Jennifer Decilveo and mixing done by Dave Fridmann. 

In a “gorgeously airy vocal performance,” frontwoman Addie Sartino opens the song by singing “Glad it’s raining so I don’t have to go outside and pretend I’m happy just to be alive.” This sets the lyrical tone for the entire song, as Sartino and the band provide “an up-close and unguarded look at the way depression warps our self-image.” Sartino has said “There’s a line in the chorus that says, ‘Stale rye, once an apple’s eye,’ which is a way of saying, ‘I used to have so much potential, and now I’m sitting here frozen, and I don’t know what to do with myself,’” showing an even deeper understanding of the way mental illness – in this case, specifically depression – affects people.

The performances from each instrumentalist are all uniquely intriguing in their portrayal of depression while giving the vocals space to exist and hook audiences. The guitars are fuzzy, much like the mind of a depressed person (speaking from experience here, not trying to project anything). The bass is present but drowned out by the other instruments. The drums are clamoring for attention and help (note: this is not to say the drummer needs help, as the drums on this track are phenomenal, this is just trying to make the sonic connection to the abstract nature of depression). When fused together, each instrumental performance creates one of the best group portrayals of depression through sound I’ve ever experienced.

The music video, created by Kezia Gabriella, is astounding as well. Definitely check that out when you’re checking out the song! “My life don’t feel like mine these days,” but like The Greeting Committee, we’ll power through. Use the pain to create, or take a break and recuperate. Whatever will keep you here on this plane with us.

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