Tenacious D Teams Up With Propeller To Inspire Fans To Vote in November Midterms

Voting is a right and responsibility of any citizen of a country. It’s an act of patriotism as well as a statement saying that you truly care not just about what’s happening now but what’s at stake in the future. It’s cool to think that we as a people, in this particular instance Americans have this type of power to impact where we’re heading. But at the same time, it’s also a daunting task because of the power handed over to us. It’s just like what Uncle Ben would say to Peter Parker, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”.

Before you swing into action and run all over town (because Spider-Man) looking for the sinister six, Tenacious D just announced that they teamed up with Propeller to entice us to participate in the upcoming November Midterm Elections. Announced last September 13th, this is an effort to draw out everyone and let their opinions be heard through voting. Regardless of political party or ideology, practicing this right most especially for the young ones is important. Its part and parcel of nation building, and a way to open their eyes to things that really matter because life is more than just about trends and clout. 

For those unfamiliar, Propeller is a community supported social impact platform. Beyond vitality and aesthetics, it aims to shed light on the social issues/ causes such as the upcoming pivotal midterm elections this November 8th. So where does the greatest band in the world fit in all of these? Well listen up! If you visit Propeller and take actions such as looking up voter registration status, sign up and receive for election reminders, as well as support organizations geared toward abortion rights, climate change, LGBTQ + equality and the like. All of which earns you redeemable entry points for a chance to win a trip to Vegas to see Tenacious D in Vegas on New Year’s Eve! So, get those fingers busy pronto! 

With all these happening in the forefront, this newfound duo of Propeller and Tenacious D have also been busy with other worthwhile things. Such as Tenacious D’s fall tour, and Propeller having a digital presence in all stops. Here they’ll offer us a chance to act to get a chance at a Zoom date with the Tenacious D. 

Tenacious D Tour Dates: 

12/30/22: Las Vegas, NV – The Theater at Virgin Hotels 

12/31/22: Las Vegas, NV – The Theater at Virgin Hotels 

# with special guest DJ Douggpound

To purchase tickets as well as additional information click here

Curious about Propeller? Then go ahead and look them up in their official website, Instagram, and Twitter

On the other hand, if you’re just as into Tenacious D as we are, then join us give their official site, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts for some content that’ll get you rocking to eternity. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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