Tears Fall Endlessly In Nick Howe’s ‘I Got Nothing’ 

Love as we know it is a complex emotion that encompasses all living beings. It’s a string that binds us all together seamlessly in this fabric called life. But other times, it can be a game played by two or more players (depending on the circumstances). A game show produced by destiny, it’s a high stakes gamble that could either make or break the people involved. Those who went through the gauntlet and succeeded, live to tell the tale. Whilst the unlucky ones hide in the shadows, where they lick their wounds to try again someday.

This brutal scenario is clearly painted for us in London based artist Nick Howe’s latest song ‘I Got Nothing’. Released March 23rd, in all streaming platforms. This track speaks of losing the person you love the most as well as the feelings attached to it. On the losing end of love’s bitter game, this painfully gorgeous indie folk/ pop tune gives us an up close view of a broken heart. A point of no return, ‘I Got Nothing’ contemplates the purpose of living despite that emptiness eating away slowly. As the video games would have it, we’ve inevitably reached the ‘Game Over’ screen.

A masterclass in putting heavy emotions elegantly into words. Nick Howe envelopes us with despair and regret from start to finish with lyrics like “Now I’m wilting in regret. Cause I only see the ruins of the flowers that you’ve left.”. Not to mention the sweet vocals and flowing instrumentals that comes with it that keep digging deep into our souls at every turn. Beautiful agony in music form, set ablaze by intense loneliness and hopeless. ‘I Got Nothing’ stands as a reminder for us who are actively playing, waiting in line or spectating that love is like a flame. It can get us warm, and at the same exact time can burn us like a piece of paper. So be careful..

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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