Sun Shines Bright In Electric Neon Clouds’ ‘I’m Here For You’

Being ‘here’ is one of the truest forms of love. Through this, you are giving a part of yourself away. Whether that’s a promise meant for loved ones or yourself, it’s a pact of unwavering commitment. A bond between hearts that even through the ups and downs you’ll stay – strong. To be able to dance through life’s music together hand in hand all whilst still having love in your hearts.

Sounds cheesy noh? To an extent yes, but as much as it is dreamy, it’s equally real (like you and me). A genuine human emotion and a part of maturity, this is all beautifully illustrated in Canadian artist Jeremy Cornellier aka Electric Neon Clouds’ (ENC) song entitled ‘I’m Here For You’. Released March 3rd in all streaming platforms worldwide via Folivora Records. ‘I’m Here For You’, is a track that explores the stormy heart and mind of ENC. The anxieties about the creation process, the path he’s found himself in mixed with the changes rumbling within are put front and center. While there are these elements that swirl around the tune, sadness is not the overarching theme here. Instead hope, faith and belief in one’s self sprouts out like a blooming flower. Everything will be ok sooner or later, just hang in there hero. We’re here for you, and so should you.

With such an uplifting message, accompanied by vocals and instrumentals that pierce through the heart. It’s a easy to say that Electric Neon Cloud’s ‘I’m Here For You’ will find a home in your playlist. It’s vulnerability, rawness and it’s desire to make sure we’re ok is something that we can all adhere to. Sure the world is crazy, but it’s musical gems like this that remind us that the joy that we crave starts with us first. Be there for yourself above all, and the rest will slowly fall in place.

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Happy Sunday friends.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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