Stray Colors Journeys Into “The Ancient Garden”

Stray Colors released “The Ancient Garden” on July 22, 2022. The track is described as if it’s from a mystical, long-forgotten time, consisting of different harmonious vocals and crafted string arrangements, creating an exciting blend between the warm sounds of the 60s and contemporary indie folk.

Stray Colors themselves are a a motley mingle-mangle of Balkan, folk and indie. Due to their remarkable mix of styles and a couple of hundred concerts in Germany and beyond, Stray Colors have built up a reputation as an excellent live-band, best known for their driving beats and enchanting melodies.

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Lush in it’s individuality, “The Ancient Garden” shows how Stray Colors took many elements beloved in the folk genre and made it into their own. Featuring a softer yet impactful instrumental score, the equally pleasant vocals are mixed perfectly into the piece as a whole and carried seamlessly as to tell a story of fleeting time. It is common knowledge that memories change, and the act of saying goodbye will also be a constant in the human experience. “The Ancient Garden” acknowledges this and more, with the additional statement saying that wanting to be alright may be all that can be done in times where normalcy is a luxury. The second half of the track introduces both string and horn additions, providing for an overall incredibly enjoyable experience, and also brings forth the idea of rising through the leaves when the time is right. Reaching the garden will happen once sorrow has dissipated from your life, and the air is clear once more to finally take a fresh breath from.

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