Strawberry Pom’s “Whatever It Is” Sends Off Summer With A Bang

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Much like any other band, the pop-rock group Strawberry Pom formed in 2020 with the humble intention to have fun and make music they enjoyed. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, the act took inspiration from Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, along with The Killers, and sought to make their own distinct sound while also paying tribute to their Idols. Succeeding in this endeavor with their EP, Deep Blue Sea and Avers, the 2022 effort welcomed warmth mixed with clarity through the singles “Deep Blue” and “Beheld”. Now out with their newest quirky anthem, “Whatever It Is,” Strawberry Pom elaborates on the relatable struggles of social awkwardness in a party setting.

The things that inspired the song was the atmosphere and the range of emotions that someone has in a party, especially if it goes south with that someone you like.

Carlos Jose On “Whatever It Is”

At first listen, the key attribute that comes to mind is how crisp all the components and production off the track are. Beautifully mixed, the beginning atmosphere starts with bass, guitar, and drums before, the lead singer, Carlos Jose’s vocals comes to play. Garage rock in nature, Jose’s relaxed singing has the ability to command confidence and transpose different pitches in an energetic and lively way. Moments throughout the track, such as at 0:59 and 3:29, captivate the singer’s capability and showcase his phenomenal phrasing with the other instruments.

Can i be with you

You can chew me like a 

Gum under your shoe

While I pretend I’m having fun

“Whatever It Is” Lyrics – Strawberry Pom

No slouch themselves; the other musicians do more than enough to elevate this single from ordinary to spectacular. With unique voicings throughout the tune, lead guitarist Sergio Revino’s play style provides catchy hooks that match the melodies of the lead singer and the frenzied energy of the drumming. Effortlessly upping the intensity, Hëc Anders’ percussive execution flawlessly provides fascinating drum patterns which seamlessly mesh with the low-end. Speaking of low-end, providing tight rhythm throughout and an epic introduction to the track, Varo’s bass playing cements itself as the backbone of the group. Last but not least, much like a ghost, Genaro Schiaffino’s keyboard prowess is unseen yet there, providing the soulful, fun ambience we hear off the song.

Video Credit: Strawberry Pom Official YouTube Channel

Thoroughly entertaining and a wonderful send-off for the summer season, you can catch “Whatever It Is” here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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