“Sparks” Is a Brilliant New Track from Cornelius

Japanese composer Cornelius took a break from music in 2020. 

Cornelius — born Keigo Oyamada — made has now made his triumphant return. His latest single, “Sparks,” shows the composer is better than ever.  

Album cover for “Sparks” by Cornelius. (Credit: Christina Craft)

He accompanied the release with a simple yet stunning video which can be watched below:

The music video, directed Koichiro Tsujikawa, follows a spark traveling through the desert as it morphs and brightens. It perfectly matches the lush vibes of Cornelius’s latest track.

Laced with intriguing guitar riffs and rich synths, “Sparks” is a wonderful addition to the multi-instrumentalist’s already robust discography. 

In the thrilling finale of the song, Cornelius repeats the lines, translated into English:

Crossed the depths of my chest And the needle shook

Grazed the depths of my ears And the sparks flew 

“Sparks” by Cornelius

Cornelius has a habit of creating thought-provoking lyrics, and “Sparks” is no different. 

More of this will likely come from his newest album, Dream in Dream, which is set to be released on June 28. Previously, Cornelius released the LP’s lead single, “Change and Vanish.” Compared to to “Sparks,” the former is a bit softer but still carries the experimental energy of the new single. Listen to it here: 

Dream in Dream is Cornelius’s seventh studio album, following 2017’s Mellow Waves. The album, which was his first in almost a decade, was simultaneously futuristic and retro. Cornelius never shies away from experimenting, and Mellow Waves proves that. Listen to Mellow Waves here:

Cornelius — a name in homage to Planet of the Apes — gained notoriety from his 1998 now-cult-classic album Fantasma. The album, which spans genres and decades for its inspiration — can be listened to below. The eccentric album is also critically acclaimed with Pitchfork awarding it an 8.8.

He is also known as a master mixer, working with icons such as Blur, Beck, Sting and James Brown. He has also worked with the group MGMT to create “Brian Eno – Cornelius Mix.” While released over a decade ago, the track holds up to today with its eccentric techno beats. Listen here: 

To keep up with new releases, follow Cornelius on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“Sparks” is available to stream everywhere. 

I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.
I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.

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