Sophie Blair releases her sophomore, authentic EP known as Flatline. As a passionate songwriter with a lane in ‘1989’ influenced pop music, this five-track collection channels a hopeful message of healing, empowerment, and growth, leading with a strong and heavy string-influenced, Graph.

The lead track, although is an integral part of the project, stands strong as an independent piece that would fit perfectly into a movie soundtrack. Blair’s unique and creative approach to this track expresses a grand symphony of power and grace, not only through her performance with the viola, but in her raw vocal tones and simple, yet monumental lyrics.

Infinite joke,
Stuttering guise
Slit-pupil eyes
Forearm a graph
Cut it in half
Lines on a graph
Cut it in half,

Iconic mind
Ever Quietly leave
Decipher me
You are a graph
Cut things in half
Lines on a graph
You cut me in half

Sophie Blair; “Graph” lyrics

The 22-year-old has struggled most of her life with depression, anxiety, and anorexia, and as with most undeniably impactful pieces of art, wrote this track in a rather dark place. The delicate viola mixed with rhythmic chaos reaches into a listener’s chest and forces them to take a deep breath and feel a sense of both release and comfort.

Although the following tracks in this EP lean on a different sound, Graph mainly focused around her Viola skills. As she explains: 

“I’ve always gravitated towards string-heavy music. I grew up in a house full of sisters who all played classical instruments and with whom I played chamber music with them at weddings and formal events from elementary through high school. It might’ve been simply because the sound of string harmonies felt like home. As the youngest, the last to leave for college, and the last living at home, I’ve sometimes wondered if I bought my pickup and loop pedal for my viola in part because I missed my sisters. Either way, replicating those quartet-like harmonies is a thrill for me, and I’ve realized now where I can trace it back to. My classical upbringing is the place through which I contextualize every piece of my songwriting: it’s the landscape I’m painting on. I wrote this song at a time where I truly, undeniably, had lost a sense of identity in a relationship so toxic that I still can’t remember most of it. Listening back, I can hear that anxious, sprawling depersonalization, that fear — but also, underneath it in those string parts, a stronger sense of identity than I think I knew at the time. Even in the most chaotic moments, we’ve never really lost who we are. I’ve found that when we accept our roots as a solid foundation, even in our most chaotic moments, we’ve never lost who we are.”

The queer singer-songwriter started off classically trained on the viola and piano in a largely conservative community, beginning at an early age and with goals to become a symphonic violist. As her dreams shifted to indie bands, these influences clearly drive her sound and passion for music. She completed a national tour, playing in festivals, one-offs in LA, and sessions with Train, The Killers, Bruce Springsteen, Mindy Gledhill, and Joshua James.

Check out Sophie Blair’s new EP Flatline, and leading single Graph, available now everywhere!

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