Son Lux’s Work is Reimagined with Kishi Bashi’s “Alternate Forms” for the Leading Single

Alternate Forms is quite the project. The album is a collection of songs reimagined by various artists, resulting in a bold reinvention and collaborative spirit. Son Lux’s Lanterns was a great album that made people anticipate what the group might attempt next in the experimental soul and alternative scene. Listeners can expect to hear a mix of genres and styles, coming together in an otherworldly experience full of unexpected sounds and textures.

The lead single from ‘Alternate Forms,’ Kishi Bashi’s “Alternate World (Alternate Life)”, sets the tone for the entire album. Kishi Bashi has reimagined the song in his own voice, creating a wholly new mood and arrangement, laced with his signature pop magic.

– Joyful Noise Recording

Kishi Bashi kicks off the release of the album with the track, “Alternative World (Alternative Life).” Now, there is no official interpretation of its meaning. On one level, it seems to treat alternative worlds as two sides of the same coin— think endings/beginnings, death/rebirth or reality/imagination.

Oh-oh, we’re magical

We’ll wake the dead from sleep

Oh-oh, we’ll shed our skin

We’ll walk the other side

– “Alternative World (Alternative Life)”

As the lyrics start, visuals slowly appear on the screen. Kishi Bashi’s soft-spoken sound blends effortlessly with the instrumentals. There’s an electric guitar, tingly and clear. Then, drums enter, as does a heavier, synthetic beat. Strings make an appearance here and there with a chime that creates a twinkling effect. 

Both the song and the music video leave a lot up to interpretation. Sometimes, what is seen on the screen looks like some sort of universe with planets, stars and cosmic dust. Other times, it looks like sand that is being brushed or blown away. The video does the task of visualizing the beat of the song without being distracting or difficult to look at. Instead, there is an immersive quality that allows listeners to focus on the soundscape.

Eight releases remain on the timeline, dropping in August. Meanwhile, both Kishi Bashi and Son Lux are on tour from May up till June, making their respective routes through Europe with a few stops in the States. Join the growing anticipation by checking out both artists’ discography.

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