SMWN Reflects on Wanting a “Do Over” in Latest Single

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Following up on the successful, confessional debut that was “Somebody Else,” Sam Lassner continues down an emotive and reflective journey with his second release under his new project, SMWN. Having started his previous project, Prince Fox, in his dorm room at NYU, Sam has made a name for himself over the years in the electronic dance music scene. With a desire to branch beyond what he is already known for and to make music with a message, Sam’s new creative project is a culmination of the experiences, lessons, and growth he has experienced as an artist.

“Do Over” is the second single to be released under the SMWN project. A contagious pop track that ushers listeners in with a viral bassline, complimented by flawless electronic production and distinct pop vocals, the track sees SMWN reflect on all the times he wishes he could get a “do over.” Of the single, he says,

When I wrote “Do Over” I was thinking about how even if I told my younger self what I know now, I would have made the same mistakes. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those road bumps, so those road bumps HAD to happen. The writing became this very circular idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy–every time I messed up and wanted a do over, the same thing would happen again. All this to say, all we can really change is our future, based on our past actions, we can not change the past itself.

Poppy synths float behind the reminiscent vocals, recalling some regretful decisions during bumpier days. Bright layered vocals and bouncing electronic elements support the wishful chorus. The overall production retains a sense of minimalism, but goes through so many different variations that all contribute to the soothing soundscape. The relatable “I wanna be someone better, can I go back in time,” rings loud and clear and is an ode to existence and the inevitable mistakes we make. It’s one thing to say we’ll do better but action is where the truth lies. With a hypnotic bassline and chilled-out melody, “Do Over” has listeners reflecting on the song’s sentiments while also delivering a danceable soundtrack for summer.

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