SleazyWorld Go and Polo G Show Us What It’s Like Off The Court

After the RIAA Platinum for “Sleazy Flow Remix” ft. Lil Baby SleazyWorld Go is back with another banger just in time for the playoff season. Sleazy raps to the contagious beat of “Off The Court.” The music video does a bit of storytelling while also mentioning basketball player, Ja Morant, who has grown in popularity for his unique personality. Together Sleazy and Polo G make an iconic music video in relation to Ja and the mindset that the two rappers share.

“Polo and I wanted to create a record that pays tribute to the iconic Ja Morant. Just like Ja’s game leaves a lasting mark on the court, our music careers have been on a similar trajectory, making waves and leaving our own mark in the industry. As a rookie of the year, Ja Morant goes hard every game, and his dedication to his craft is reminiscent of our own commitment to create a dope tracks for our fans.”

~SleazyWorld Go

The music video takes us on a journey through the life of SleazyWorld, offering a glimpse into his world and the choices he makes. It all begins with a scene where a young kid excitedly approaches SleazyWorld, urging him to join in a game of basketball. However, SleazyWorld declines the invitation, hinting at the different path he chooses to walk.

Instead of playing basketball, SleazyWorld quickly immerses himself in a series of daring and unlawful adventures. The video also features a notable moment where Polo G reenacts a controversial incident involving basketball player Ja Morant, adding an extra layer of excitement to the storytelling.

Throughout the video, the tone remains light-hearted and captivating, aiming to entertain and engage viewers. It serves as a visual showcase of the values, experiences, and ideals that define SleazyWorld and Polo G. By presenting their lifestyle in a playful manner, the video allows us to understand their world a little better, immersing ourselves in the narrative and offering a glimpse into the reality they inhabit.

Check out more from SleazyWorld Go. Stream the song and see more about Polo G.

Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles
Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles

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