Skip Marley and Popcaan Are The Definition Of “Vibe”

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On October 1st, Skip Marley dropped his new single, “Vibe,” featuring Popcaan. While Popcaan gained international fame from his feature on the Gorillaz track, “Saturnz Barz,” Skip Marley is the grandson of Bob Marley and most known for his work with Katy Perry (“Chained To The Rhythm”) and H.E.R. (“Slow Down”). Produced by Rykeyz, Marley has said the track “‘is a feeling, a whole spirit and energy. A movement that brings light and life. It’s about being alive!’” The life Marley pictures is the life we all strive for, and that’s what makes “Vibe” so cool.

The track itself is very vibey. The production is a nice mix of island pop, reggae, and reggaeton, and Marley and Popcaan’s vocals are so airy that they feel ethereal. While Popcaan is only present for the ad libs and the second verse, his presence is important. Marley’s voice is transcendent, but without the Popcaan feature, it would feel like a standard island pop song. Popcaan’s presence gives the song a distinct reggae feel – though, admittedly, popular reggae is sliding more towards island pop in recent years – and his voice is the perfect counter to Marley’s.

The lyrics are pretty standard, but that’s the point of the song. The vibe is more important than the lyrics. The melodies are phenomenal, and the beat allows the listener to “just let go.” The lyrics are important to the vibe, but nothing to spend too much time analyzing. The beat is the most important part, and it follows the standard syncopation that has wormed its way into island pop music. It allows the listener to just bounce, vibe, and “free [their] mind.”

There are plenty of songs about vibing, for sure, but there are none more memorable at the current moment than “Vibe.” Check it out at the link below, and let us know what you think! Obviously a descendent of Bob Marley is going to be great at what they do, and Skip is no exception to that rule.

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