Sometime in 2020, singer-songwriter Samantha Moyer released her stripped-back cover of the Drowning Pool song “Bodies.” I know. I was initially skeptical, too. But this works so well it’s scary.

By pulling back everything and focusing on the lyrics, Samantha Moyer creates something that is equal parts haunting and exciting. Using only a piano and her voice as instruments, Moyer pushes the song to its limits. While we’re all accustomed to the memes of the song or the original recording of the song or just know about “that song where people scream about bodies,” Moyer has created something that lives squarely in between “indie-girl,” “meme,” and “hardcore.” Those things shouldn’t go together as well as they do. I’m honestly in shock and awe.

Check it out below to see for yourself! The piano as the primary instrument gives those spooky vibes without being too hardcore, and Moyer’s vocal performance suits not only the style she’s going for, but also the song itself. A great cover of a song that has no business being covered in this way, yet here we are. Again: I’m astounded.

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  • Samantha Moyer
    7 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much for the kind words and so glad you like! Glasse Factory rules!

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